About Us

About Us

At Sunshine group home, Inc our team is here to provide care to seniors. We are a team of highly qualified professionals in Minnesota who are here to give caring and compassionate service that we feel everyone deserves. Our home health care aides are fully committed to professionalism in their service and operate under the highest standard of ethics and quality.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of people’s lives, help them maintain their independence and protect their dignity by providing each client with the highest quality personal home care while projecting a positive caring and fulfilling working environment for our staff.  Sunshine group home, Inc employees are not just qualified, healthcare professionals. They are compassionate individuals dedicated to their clients. We take great care in selecting our staff and only hire individuals whom we would trust to care for our own families.
It’s important to have a caregiver who is compatible with your loved ones. We carefully match an experienced caregiving professional to each client based on his or her personality and needs. We will happily make changes at any time should you desire.

Care Schedules

The extent of Care and Assistance

Housing / Home Environment

Care Plan Adjustments

Budget / Financial Considerations

We work to create a setting that fits your needs.

Each service we have is developed with your needs in mind. Together with our staff of experienced professionals, we strive to make sure that each of our clients lives in comfort and has maximum independence.

Sunshine Group Home, is a full-service provider of home health services, nursing care, personal care, and more. Please call us at (612) 229-8207 to inquire further about our programs for you and your family.

 Sunshine Group Home

Our team is here to provide care to seniors.

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